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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Rachel & Tim :: Married!! St Louis Wedding Photographer

It was a beautiful, sunny day, featuring the classic St Louis landmarks, a giddy bride and groom, and a 7 minute ceremony.  Rachel and Tim were so ready to tie the knot with friends and family around, and I could really sense the warmth, love, and fun that surrounded the day.

Enjoy the highlights from this lovely couple's photos, beginning with one of the sweetest first looks I've had the opportunity to photograph!

Congratulations, Rachel and Tim, on a beautiful day and the start of a wonderful life together!  Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your super special day!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Elizabeth & David :: Married!! St Louis Wedding Photographer

Thunderstorms.  All day long.  That's what the meteorologists kept predicting, right up until the day of Liz and Dave's wedding.  But sometimes God just smiles on your day, and you get sunshine instead.  This was one of those days.

Both the wedding and the reception took place in beautiful Queeny Park, at the Dog Museum.  I have thoroughly enjoyed working with this couple, and everything about this day went beautifully!

Liz was absolutely glowing as a bride.  She has such a sweet spirit, and all day, she would light up once a loved one came in for a hug!

The day was full of details that meant something to the couple.  Liz's necklace was inherited from her late grandmother, and it reads "Forever in my Heart."

The gorgeous bouquets featured flowers made of wood!  Another unique detail is the wrapping on Liz's bridal bouquet.  This was created from material from her mother's own wedding dress.

Dave was also wonderful to work with!  This guy's laid-back, super friendly, and pretty much a goofball.  All while still seeming so responsible.  :)  They're going to make quite a pair.

I think these two are a little excited to be exchanging vows . . . .

So I tried to tell these two in the background that they were bombing the photo, but then I realized that was exactly their intention.  I get it now, guys.  I get it. :)

The reception was all things blue and sparkly!  It was absolutely lovely.

Liz and Dave opted for cheesecake for their wedding cake, complete with a toppings bar!  It was scrumptious.

Liz and Dave, everything about your day was beautiful and fun.  Thank you so much for allowing me to share the day with you!  I hope you have the most amazing of lives together!

The end. :)

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