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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Avery :: 1 Year Old!

You may have just read Valari & Grant's wedding post . . . but now it's time to meet their niece and flower girl!  This post is all about Avery and her mom & dad - Casey & John. 

I was lucky enough to have this session because Casey won it in a raffle!  Such a fun way to meet new people! And there couldn't have been a better family to win!  Casey and John are both super nice and easy to talk to, and Avery . . . well, take a look at this cutie for yourself!

This little girl just turned 1 in September, so we were mainly aiming to get some photos of her to commemorate the event.  We made sure to get some family shots as well, though :)

Did you spy the baby bump?  This family also has one more on the way!  Avery has a little sister coming in December!

We finished up the evening session with a cake smash!  Casey made this super cute cake herself, and Avery got free reign to enjoy it!

I loved her birthday outfit!

Notice her face slowly get messier as the photos progress . . . .

I think Casey captured this next picture best when she said, "It's my party, and I'll cry if I want to!"

 But we'll end on a smile picture just for good measure :)

Happy birthday, Avery!  And congrats to the whole fam for the one on the way!  Thanks for spending the evening with me!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Valari & Grant :: Married!!

Say it isn't so!  This is my last wedding of the season, and I just don't want to finish it! 

Valari and Grant are one of my favorite couples too.  Perhaps it's because they love photos and details, just like me, and I have fun hanging out with them!  Perhaps it's because they are the first couple that was able to book both their engagement and wedding with me.  Perhaps it's a little bit of everything.

Whatever the case, I was thrilled to see their wedding day arrive! Gorgeous was the theme of the day!

Valari and the girls got dolled up at the swanky downtown Hampton Inn.  I adored shooting with the classy and modern decor.

Getting prettied up . . .

. . . to see her man!  Valari and Grant opted for a first look.  This is such a beautiful and emotional time between the bride and groom, and I was honored to be a witness.

This sweetheart of a couple have a really unique story for how they met.  They just happened to be going to the same concert in downtown St. Louis, and they both happened to need tickets at the last minute.  So, what would anybody do but . . .  find a scalper!  Well, these two just happened to find the same one.  Little did they know soul mates had "just happened" to meet.

The bridal party was a really fun group to be with too.  Check out these good lookin' folks!

This lady was a dazzling bride.

Valari and Grant are serious Cardinal fans, so of course they were bummed to have to miss the game.  The Cards gave them an awesome wedding gift in the form of a win, though!

After having fun with the bridal party, it was time to get serious for the ceremony.  Such a captivating cathedral was no match for the beauty and meaning of the moment.

Ahh, I'd love to keep going until all of my favorites were on here, but then I'd leave you waiting for this post too long! :P
Congratulations, Valari and Grant!  Thank you for having me!  Your day was beautiful, as were the two of you! I wish you two the happiest of lives together!


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