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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Avery :: 1 Year Old!

You may have just read Valari & Grant's wedding post . . . but now it's time to meet their niece and flower girl!  This post is all about Avery and her mom & dad - Casey & John. 

I was lucky enough to have this session because Casey won it in a raffle!  Such a fun way to meet new people! And there couldn't have been a better family to win!  Casey and John are both super nice and easy to talk to, and Avery . . . well, take a look at this cutie for yourself!

This little girl just turned 1 in September, so we were mainly aiming to get some photos of her to commemorate the event.  We made sure to get some family shots as well, though :)

Did you spy the baby bump?  This family also has one more on the way!  Avery has a little sister coming in December!

We finished up the evening session with a cake smash!  Casey made this super cute cake herself, and Avery got free reign to enjoy it!

I loved her birthday outfit!

Notice her face slowly get messier as the photos progress . . . .

I think Casey captured this next picture best when she said, "It's my party, and I'll cry if I want to!"

 But we'll end on a smile picture just for good measure :)

Happy birthday, Avery!  And congrats to the whole fam for the one on the way!  Thanks for spending the evening with me!

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