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Monday, July 23, 2012

Tami & Jonathan's Wedding Part 2!

 You may have just seen Tami and Jonathan's first blog post from a week ago!  If so, you read how fun of a day it was and how I have way too many pictures :)  Because of this, I now present you with part 2!  I hope you enjoy these photos from the lovely Magic House!  Thank you again, Tami and Jonathan, for making the day awesome!


I loved what happened at the very end of the night.  It was the last song, and a few circles formed on the dance floor.  Then, gradually, everyone began grouping together until the entire dance floor formed one big circle.  It really spoke to just how great of a group of people this was.  And it was a fitting way to end such a fun day.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sophia is 6 Months Old!

Look who just turned 6 months old!  
This sweet little one, Sophia, is just about as pretty as little girls get!  I got lucky enough to be her photographer through her wonderful family!  Aunt Valari's wedding has been on my blog, and so have two of her cousins, Avery and Amelia!  I absolutely love getting to see 
a whole extended family grow like this! 

I think she's trying to figure out who I am and what I'm doing with that black clicky-thing. . . .

Mary and Brett, you are the cutest new parents!  It's no mystery how Sophia turned out so pretty!

There have been a few moments since I started photography that made me want to have a baby like, now.  This was one of them.

Ok, she wasn't actually going down for a nap here, but it looks like it!  So I'll end by saying sweet dreams, Sophia!  Thanks for doing pictures with me!

Thank you, Mary and Brett, for asking me to come!  You're a sweet family, and I was so happy to take these for you!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sara & Travis :: Engaged!

Meet Sara and Travis . . . an engaged couple that, like more and more these days, met each other online!  As many of you know, I met my husband online as well, so it makes me super excited to see others find their soul mate the same way!

Sara admitted that her first impression of Travis when he messaged her was "He's a serial killer!"  Haha, seriously!  How many people can say that was their first impression of their spouse?  Obviously, suspicions run a little higher when you meet people online!  But she soon found out that several of her friends knew him, and they assured her he was a great guy!  She's quite happy that she took that chance. :)

Sara and Travis, the two of you are great together!  I can't wait for your wedding in October!!
Enjoy your photos!

These photos were taken under the Wishing Tree, a special tree decorated this way only during the Chinese Lantern festival at the Botanical Gardens.  It's said that if you toss one of the large, golden coins with a ribbon tail into the tree, your wishes will come true.  Sara and Travis, here's to all of your wishes coming true for your life and your marriage! :)

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