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Monday, June 25, 2012

Dan & Jessica :: Married!

Inspired.  Unique.  Romantic.  These are just a few of the words I could use to describe this beautiful wedding day!  

Dan and Jessica have such a sincere love.  Everything about the day was personalized to them and the things that remind them of how they feel about each other.  I can only say so much without showing photos, so keep reading to learn more about the details of their day!  All photos taken by Allison Pullum unless otherwise noted. 

Paul Mitchell the School rocked the hairdos!

Click on this one to view it more closely.  It's worth it.

Looking lovely and ready to go!

The City Museum is one of the absolute coolest locations there is in St Louis, and this is where they chose to exchange their vows!  Why?  The inspiration came from the movie The Vow.  The couple in this movie are also married in a museum. :)

Their vows to each other were very personalized but drew on some of the wording from the vows in The Vow.  They were quite beautiful.

If you've seen the movie, perhaps you noticed another detail they borrowed:  an officiant wearing a top hat!  Love it!

This stair way made an awesome location for a grand exit!

Photo by Katie McElroy.

Sassy.  Classy.  Beautiful.

Photo by Katie McElroy.

How lovely and just plain cute is this sign?!

Photo by Katie McElroy.

Their rings were both engraved with the word "Constant."  The inspiration for this inscription comes from the TV show Lost.  In the show, a few of the characters move back and forth between two times uncontrollably.  They will slowly die from the neural overload unless they can find a constant - a person who is present and meaningful to them in both times.  The person that can keep them together when life is falling apart.  The person that is their stability in life.  What description could be more fitting?

These two promised to not only love each other forever, but to be forever constant in that love.

There were even more meaningful details at the reception - from the photos of their grandparents (also married on June 7th!) to the old novels each guest got to take home as a wedding favor.  Even the beautiful decorations spoke volumes to their taste and personal stories!

Congratulations, Dan and Jessica!  I loved your wedding, and I love the love that the two of you have!  Here's to many, many years of constant love!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Carrie & Jay :: Married!

Do you remember it?  Carrie and Jay had their engagement session with me back in October of last year.  It feels so long ago, and yet the time went by so quickly!  Their wedding is finally here.  And what a gorgeous wedding it was!  This couple got married at the Magic Chef Mansion.  This was my first time shooting here, and I am in love! Everything about the place just oozes elegant, vintage charm. 

All of Carrie's detail choices did nothing but enhance the gorgeous surroundings.

Finally ready to go, Carrie looked stunning.

Oh, and I can't forget to mention how dapper Jay looked.  Keep looking at the photos to come, and you'll see he even wore a suit with coat tails and pinstripe pants.  Quite classy.

Parents of the groom soaking in the moment.

They exchanged the rings . . .

and sealed it with a kiss!

Carrie and her mom stopped for a quick, sweet photo before we began bridal party pictures.

˅I absolutely love this shot!˅

Maybe I'm being redundant, but I can't share these next shots without reiterating how beautiful of a bride Carrie made!

Loving the details at the reception!

The best man's toast compared Jay to Sherlock Holmes, while the maid of honor gave gifts to the bride and groom to "help" them in their marriage.  Laughs were awarded all around.

Gotta love a full dance floor!

Towards the end of the night, Carrie tossed the bouquet, and who should catch it?  None other than her sister Rachel, the maid of honor.  I hope their mom has enough energy left for one more! ;)

Congratulations, Carrie and Jay!  It was an honor and so much fun to be there to document both your engagement and your wedding!  I hope you two have the time of your lives in Ireland . . . and for the rest of your life together!

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