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Monday, September 19, 2011

Shannah & James :: Home Again!

 It happened in California.  The wedding was small and intimate.  In fact, it was just the two of them.  And between the two of them, they made a commitment they don't regret a bit.  The timing was perfect too, because life has really taken off since then. 

James is a Marine, and since getting hitched, his military career has sent him to Iraq and even Japan, where he and Shannah now live.
Shannah told me she absolutely loves Japan!  But occasionally, even she gets homesick.  So while home for vacation, these two had photos taken near the classic St. Louis landmarks, so they can look at them and be reminded of home. 

The golden light of sunrise made the early morning so worth it. 

Shannah, you are beautiful.


This next one is definitely one of my favorites.  Such a cute couple!

Thanks so much for coming to me!
I loved taking these photos with you, and I sincerely hope they bring the two of you back home instantly every time you look at them! 

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