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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sara & Tim :: Engaged!!

"You're one of those good-looking couples that every photographer would want to work with,"  I told them, and it's totally true!  They just knew how to light up and be comfortable with each other while I snapped away.

We met on a day that was supposed to be warm and nice, then was supposed to be rainy and cloudy, then turned out to be warm and nice anyway!  We re-scheduled then re-scheduled back again before meeting.  I'm so glad these two were so flexible!  It was completely worth it!

Sara and Tim prove you can meet the love of your life any day, even when you're not expecting it.  Tim saw her at a coffee shop one day, where she was reading a rock-climbing magazine.   He had a passion for rock-climbing as well, so he came over to say hi.  The rest, as they say, is history!
These two are getting married in October, and I can already tell it will be an awesome day!

Congratulations, Sara and Tim!  Thanks so much for choosing me to document these important moments in your life!  See you in October!!  :)

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