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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Cookies, Ribbons, and Ladders

I have to admit, this is a professional blog.  It's used for "professional" purposes . . . like updating followers on my latest photo sessions and giving clients a sneak preview of the pictures we just took!  But I don't see a boss in this job who tells me not to mix my personal life with my professional life a little :) 

Ok, well, that's kind of a long introduction just to say that I am making a personal blog entry!  It has honestly been 2 years and 10.5 months since I have made a personal blog entry or facebook note!

Without further adieu . . . last Saturday I had a very fun time!  My very great boyfriend and I spent a whole day just decorating for Christmas!  A trip to the store a couple of days before prepared us for all that was to come (well . . . mostly).  Christmas lights, extension cords, tree ornaments, sparkly ribbon, sugar cookies, and icing were the artistic mediums of the day!

First, we started by lighting up the house.  Nick climbed to the roof, and I adorned the bushes.  A little windburn later, we were in glow business!

Truthfully, this picture was taken after a lot of the indoor decorating was done, but it had to go at this spot in the story!

Next, we were on to decorating the tree!  Nick and I had disagreed a little on themes for the tree, so we had to come up with a satisfying compromise.  He wanted colorful and fun, while I had had an elegant tree in my mind utilizing only a couple of colors.  We arrived at a scheme that made me more than happy!  Here's a taste of the look of the tree:

The last part of our day, besides cuddling up to a little TV before parting ways, was decorating sugar cookies!  I had a lot of fun, but we had different ways of thinking again!  My designs tended to be simple, while his were pretty elaborate! 
Check out one of Nick's masterpieces:

And one of my mine, with a peppermint theme:

Sooo much fun!
Merry Christmas, everyone!

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