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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Kiley & Caleb's Birthday :: 5 Years Old and 1 Year Old!

I love shooting this family!  Yes, they're family to me, so I might be a little biased, but I think any photographer would love shooting them!  Thomas, Malorie, Kiley, and Caleb are ALL so photogenic.  And, what's better, they love getting non-traditional pictures!  Their favorites are the ones where they're spending time together, actually doing something as a family.  I feel exactly the same!

Kiley and Caleb have a unique situation, where they actually share the same birthday.  This past Saturday, Kiley turned 5 years old, and Caleb had his very first birthday!  Malorie had the wonderful idea to fill the deck with colorful balloons to surprise them on their birthday morning.  It was not only pretty, but throwing balloons at each other never got old.  :)

Kiley is getting so big!  She can swing high enough to reach her dad's hand . . . even when he's on his tippy-toes!

At one point, Kiley had a special request.  She said she needed a photo of just her mom and dad together.  This made me realize that these two really haven't had a lot of photos together in a while!  Kiley thought the photos wouldn't be complete if she didn't sneak in for one.  :)

I loved having the chance to get some of just the two of them, though.  They're adorable together.

Thanks so much for having me over to take these!  I hope your birthdays were fantastic, Kiley and Caleb!  :)

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