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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Allison & Kel :: Married! Windows on Washington Wedding Photography

This beautiful affair began at the Drury Plaza Hotel, where Allison and her girls readied the last details for the big day.

The gown hung, ready to wow, and the shoes glistened almost as much as the rings.

Seasonings told the tale of Allison and Kel and how well they go together. ;)

Meanwhile, the lovely bride finished slipping in to her gown.

Off to Windows they went, where the ceremony awaited.

Every detail was beautiful, and everything that was said was meaningful.  Husband and wife couldn't have seemed happier to become official.

And, then, official they became!

And they prepared to embark on a journey to the great land known as "reception" . . . .

But first, we had to grab a few photos! ;)

The bridesmaid dresses and bouquets were the perfect compliment to the beautiful day.

But, of course, nothing that day compared to the bride!

These two were adorable cake-cutters!

And we had a great group of people that loved, loved to dance!

Thank you so much, Allison and Kel, for choosing us to capture your day!  It was beautiful, and it was fun, and I loved that I got to document it for you!  Thank you also to my very talented second shooter, Sherry, for all of your help!


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