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Friday, August 3, 2012

Casey, John, Avery, and Amelia

Avery and Amelia, how big you two are getting!  It feels like it was just a short while ago that I was photographing Amelia's newborn session!  And Avery had only recently turned 1!  Now, can it be true, Avery is turning 2 and Amelia is 8 months old! 
Casey and John, thanks for coming to me to document your beautiful, growing family!

Maybe this is off-topic, but I have to say that strawberry blonde has always been my favorite color of hair, and Casey, your shade is just gorgeous!!  Can I borrow your hair for a day? ;)

Little Amelia is so much more grown-up than the newborn I last saw!  Still such a pretty baby!

Avery is one high energy little girl!  I spent most of her photo time chasing her with my camera, haha!  But she did stop to pose for me every once in a while :) That is, with the help of two grandmas and mom & dad!


Oops!  I didn't pull this flag out of the ground . . . no, it must have been someone else . . . really!

I loved the beautiful flowers and well-kept landscaping at Blanchette Park's garden.  It was the perfect spot for a dry summer session! 

Amelia was so great at doing what she does - being cute. :)


Thanks again to a lovely little family!  I can't wait to see the girls continue to grow up! :)

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  1. OMG! Thank you so much Loria, and you can borrow my hair anytime :). I can't wait to get the CD. These are amazing!!


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